Wednesday, June 20, 2012

shawn-thoughts relaunch

I am excited to say that things have finally cleared up enough in my life that I may be able to start blogging again.  I say "may be able" because the reality of parenting a 3 month old and 3 year old can be quite daunting and energy draining.  This said, I want to restart the bloggery by re-posting my original first post from September 2008.  In it I discuss my hopes and purpose for this blogger.  Enjoy...

"Truth be told, I was kind of nervous when I was asked to do this blog. I mean, I'm good at writing sermons, talks, and papers; but when it comes to just expressing my bare thoughts on paper; I really struggle with that. I don't know if its shyness, a fear of being exposed, or a fear of confrontation over something I might say. Also, I often feel like I have nothing to say that is all that important (insecurities coming through). When doing sermons, talks, and papers I stand on the shoulders of giants explaining insights from intelligent people and expressing how I've come to understand them and use them in my life. When it comes to expressing my naked (don't worry no pictures) opinion, I feel completely at a loss for words.

So this was my dilemma and struggle when I was asked to do a blog. Through prayer and brainstorming I came to the conclusion that, "I have nothing really to offer anyone, but what I'm currently going through in life and how I'm trying to interpret that." At first that thought was negative, but then it became the inspiration for this blog.

You see, this blog will be an expression of that reality as I walk my way through life. Being a Christian, most, if not all of my reflections will be concerning the faith’s understanding of God (ultimate objective reality) and my lived experienced (perceived or lived reality) of trying to work through and live out this ultimate objective reality. In other words, it will be a reflection from one who is stumbling along The Way. Someone whose core identity is a sinner saved by grace through faith in One greater than himself. This blog will not be some postmodern ramblings of some subjective truth; it will rather be the fruit of me trying to understand my lived faith which is based on the objective truth of a God who "'loved the world so much that he sent his only Son.'"


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