Monday, November 22, 2010

Karl Barth: The Power of the Word of God

Commenting on Romans 1:16 & 1 Cor. 1:18 Barth writes:

"If a man knew nothing of this power that both sustains and stimulates, both protects and punishes, both pacifies and disturbs, if he merely heard about it without knowing it as a power, he would only give evidence that he knew nothing of the Word of God.  We are acquainted with the Word of God to the degree that we are acquainted with this power.  We speak of God's Word when we speak in recollection and expectation of this power, and when we do so in such a way that we realise that this power of the Word of God is not one power among others, not even among other divine powers, but the one unique divine power which comes home to us, to which we are referred, in face of which we stand in decision between the obedience we owe it and the unfathomable inconceivability of disobedience, and consequently in the decision between bliss and perdition." (I.1 150)


DZ said...

Trying to find your current address! The year-end update we sent you got returned. Email me at Merry Xmas and sorry for the non-comment,

Dave Zahl

Melissa Green said...

Shawn-This is very heavy and requires some serious theological contemplation. Thanks for sharing. We are blessed at St. Paul's to have you...God's blessings to you.