Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a Fantastically Gross Martin Luther Quote.

I came across this one while working my way through Luther's "Table Talk."

"I am fed up with the world, and it with me. I am like a ripe stool, and the world is like a gigantic anus, and so we’re about to let go of each other." 
I'm so proud to be a Lutheran!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Webs of Dysfunction

                I’ve been seeing my counselor a bit more lately.  The addition of a second child combined with the pressures of life has really thrown me for a loop.  One way this imbalance rears its ugly head is in my anger.  Not making excuses, but I come from a long line of bad tempers on both sides of my family.  Because of this, anger is usually one of the first signs that my life is off kilter.  On a side note, when I say anger I don’t mean the emotion per say, rather I’m speaking of the almost unquenchable desire to hit inanimate objects (usually a wall).  So needless to say a trip to the counselor was needed.
                One of the surprising things that came from a session was that people who have anxiety disorders (the reason I see a counselor in the first place) tend to have trouble with anger as well.  The two are interrelated.  I left that appointment oddly encouraged by the fact that so many of my problems are interrelated.  In opening up my web of dysfunction I at least could understand myself a bit better.  Along with this I was given a personal understanding of Luther’s breakthrough insight to the human condition: Simul Iustus et Peccator (Simultaneously just and a sinner at the same time).  In other words, as a result of my extensive web of dysfunction, it’s only because of God’s declaration of Christ’s righteousness upon me that I have any chance in life.