Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enjoy The Weather

Yesterday I came across this cool quote from Luther concerning the beauty of God's creation.  He writes that creation is:
our Bible in the fullest sense, this our house, home, field, garden, and all things, where God does not only preach by using his wonderful works, but also taps on our eyes, stirs up our senses, and enlightens our heart at the same time...  Learn to strengthen your belief in the resurrection of the dead by means of the work that God exercises daily toward his creatures through his omnipotence.
-Sermon of May 25, 1544 on 1 Cor. 15:66
I thought this was an inspiring sentiment to reflect on as the sun finally begins to poke through the winter sky!


Jay Miklovic said...

great quote... but i have never been a huge fan of being tapped on my eyes! Images of fingers peeling back my eyelids...

Anonymous said...
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