Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Labor with Mike Yaconelli

For those who regularly read my blog (Jay being the only one I think), sorry it's been so long since my last post. Who knew having a baby would not only be a time suck, but also a destroyer of any reflective thinking. So with this in mind, today I'm just going to offer you a quote.

When little Isaiah was born I brought one of my favorite books with me to the hospital thinking it might act as comfort food during a rather stressful time (Don't worry, I didn't read it well she was in labor). Well, the book succeeded. I think it's always cool when you read a book for the second or third time how different things stick out. This time a particular quote about faith really moved me. So without further a due here is Mike Yaconelli's description of childlike faith:
It is hard to ask for help. Childlike faith is not for people who need a little help; it is for people who are desperate, who are at the end of their rope. Faith is for those who are not too proud to wave their arms and admit they are drowning.

Faith is not religious positive thinking. It's not a motivational course, a pep talk, an exercise in positive self-imaging. Faith is for the helpless. It is a humiliation, out of which humility is birthed. We do not come to faith to find the extra punch we need to make it over the hill. We come to faith because we are exhausted, weakened, ready to give up. Faith is more than giving up. It is giving in. (161)
These paragraphs really spoke to my soul in the hospital. Although some would disagree, labor is also hard on a guy (especially if he has panic disorder and hospitals tend to set him off). Watching your wife in such pain, the fear of the unknown, etc… Not only this, it's experiencing a life change that you have no former reference point for. It's a scary thing and at the end of the day you have a 7 pound 8 ounce milk drinking machine to contend with.
This quote just reminded me of the fact that faith was for me at that point in time. I didn't have to have my stuff together; rather the fact that I was completely helpless made me a perfect candidate for faith.
Well that's all I got for today.
PS: Oh yeah, here's the little man…

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Jay Miklovic said...

super cute kid... i bet his first words will be 'Here I am, Send Me'

Good stuff... plus I got mentioned by name in your blog, what an honor!